While Seranit Group, one of the long standing corporations of the construction sector, continues to lead the sector with its innovative and high quality products, it has also begun to be recognized and rewarded more both in national and international platform. Seranit Group, which continues its path with its Serra Ceramic, Vanucci Kitchen & Bathroom and Seranit Building Materials brands besides Seranit Porcelain that is the leader of its sector, accelerated its transformation into a strong global brand in Turkey and international markets with the certificates and awards won within the last year.

    Group that was named among the "Global Growth Companies" in the World Economic Forum last year also managed to receive "Double Star" certificate from Turkish Standards Institution. And this year, Seranit Group certified all its porcelain and ceramic products with Type III EPD Environmental Label. Group proved its success also with awards from world's two important and prestigious international organizations: iF Awards and Red Dot Awards.

    Seranit blazed a trail in World Economic Forum!

    Seranit Group achieved a phenomenal success in World Economic Forum held in Istanbul and selected to a very special platform of the Forum. In the World Economic Forum held on September 28-29, 2014, 28 companies that will participated to the "Global Growth Companies" platform from Europe, Eurasia and Middle East were named. And Seranit Group became the first Turkish company in this important platform of World Economic Forum.

    "Global Growth Companies" that a total of 137 companies from different regions and countries are still members of is a platform established by World Economic Forum to support responsible and sustainable economic growth in the world. Thus its members are selected among companies that grow rapidly, leave their marks on their sectors, work hard to change the world and have the potential to be global leaders. And in this selection process, very sensitive and high standards are applied. In the end, the member companies find the opportunity to contribute to the regional and global economic agenda by working together with the representatives of governments, universities and non-governmental organizations besides other member companies in international meetings and events.

    Seranit Group sets the quality standards of the sector with its Double Star Certificate!

    Seranit Group became the first ceramic and porcelain company to be certified with the Double Star of Turkish Standards Institution (TSE). The certificate was given to Seranit Porcelain and Serra Ceramic in a ceremony held on December 2nd. Behind this success of passing the tough assessment period of TSE where extremely strict criteria were applied lies 21 years long effort and hard work. The certificate was given to Seranit Porcelain and Serra Ceramic in a ceremony held on December 2nd, 2014. From now on, the rival companies willing to earn this certificate that enables offering products to the market with Double Star logo will have to catch up with Seranit Group. In this sense, it had been, once again, confirmed with this certificate that the standards of the sector are set by Seranit.

    Seranit adds value to green buildings with “EPD Environmental Label”!

    Seranit Group achieved another phenomenal success by earning Type III EPD Environmental Label for all its products groups. Type III EPD Environmental Label that is defined by the International Standards Organization (ISO) according to ISO 14025 standard assesses the environmental performance of a product or a service according to specific categories (like raw material, energy usage and efficiency; material and chemical substance content; air, water and soil emissions; waste generation). Unlike Type I and II environmental labels, Type III EPD Environmental Label can only be earned at the end of comprehensive assessments made by internationally recognized independent authorities. EPD Environmental Label of Seranit Porcelain and Serra Ceramic floor and wall tiles produced by Seranit Group is registered by the International EPD System and EPD Turkey. Type III EPD Environmental Label is still very important in green building certification. Using building materials with EPD Environmental Label enables the contractors to gain significant extra points for green building certificate required especially in real estate projects targeting international investors in Turkey.

    5 awards to Seranit Group from iF Design Awards!

    Seranit Group received a total of 5 awards at iF Design Awards, one of the most prestigious independent award organizations of the design world. Arena, Duostone and Seravista products of Seranit Porcelain and Oxipaint Ecological Paint and Oxicoat Ecological Plaster of Seranit Building Materials were deemed worthy of awards by the international experts in the jury of iF Design Awards not just with their designs but also with their innovative, environmental properties providing functional benefits to human life. Seranit Group that achieved this phenomenal success in its sector received its awards during the ceremony held in Munich, Germany on February 27th, 2015. iF that continues its operations since 1953 is accepted as one of the largest and most famous design centers of the world. And winning an İF award increases the brand value and prestige of a product incredibly in the international sector. The other Turkish brands that competed in the porcelain tile and the building materials categories couldn't receive any awards.

    3 awards from RedDot Awards!

    Seranit Group won 3 awards from RedDot Awards that is like a global quality stamp for design and innovation. New Wood, Duostone and Code 519 Watermark products of Serra Ceramic and Seranit Porcelain brands were deemed worthy of awards in Interior Design Elements and Materials & Surfaces categories. RedDot Awards that is an independent and prestigious award organization is accepted as a global quality stamp for good design and innovation, and underlines the global quality difference. RedDot Awards dates back to 1954. As one of the oldest and most prestigious design awards of the world, RedDot Awards is known to be a journey to the future of the design world. And winning the award is important not just for gaining motivation or visibility for a future design dream, but also for finding the right cooperation opportunities that can turn this dream into reality by putting it under the spotlight of the industry. The producers and designers that compete in RedDot Awards attract global attention with their ideas for the future and their self-confidence.
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