Human Resources

    Investing in human resources adds value to the institution!

    In our perfection journey based on "The most important resource is man" concept, we provide a work environment to the qualified individuals who can act within the direction of Seranit's mission and vision, in which they can realize their potentials.

    Right Team Right Work

    Our priority on this journey which we started with the target to be the preferred employer is to bring the work and the team with the most appropriate qualities, together. During the recruitment process, the candidates with the qualities to completely meet the requirements of the work are evaluated without any discrimination.

    Recruitment process is carried out in three stages. First of all, the appropriateness of the candidates for Seranit and for the basic requirements of the position in question is evaluated by the human resources specialists through competency-based interviews. The candidates found to be successful in such interviews are interviewed by the directors of the position for which recruitment shall be realized. Work is offered by the company to the candidates found to be appropriate as a result of all the evaluations and if the candidate accepts, the recruitment takes place.

    Discover the Talents, Direct the Career

    Seranit works in order to discover the individuals with high potentials and to prepare such individuals for higher positions by investing in their professional developments.

    Career opportunities are offered for these individuals within the company of the croup companies. During the promotion of the employees , the qualities required by the work, personal skills, competencies and individual performances are taken into consideration and an objective and fair evaluation is carried out.

    Corporate Training, Personal Development

    Continuous development principle is indispensible for Seranit, which lives by its leadership vision. It is of priority for Seranit to continue the training and development of the employees.

    Due to this reason, it is the basic principle that the directors in our corporation continuously train and develop themselves and their teammates. The training and development programs help the employees to develop their personal developments, knowledge, skills and competencies and to reflect their acquisitions to the business results and support is provided so that they are qualified, successful individuals. .

    Raise the Targets with High Performance

    Performance management systems are designed to reveal and direct the potentials of our employees in order to achieve the strategic targets determined within the direction of our vision and mission.

    Evaluations are carried out at least once a year by taking into account the business targets and personal competency targets of the personnel. The performance interviews carried out as a result of the evaluations are very important so that our employees have an idea with respect to their current performances and determine the development facilities.

    Balanced Salary System with Work Evaluation

    Work evaluations based on the content of the work independent of title and function constitute the basis in the corporation. Balanced salary system focusing on responsibility and performance in a way which is competitive in the market is applied according to the results of the evaluation.

    In order to start your career journey at Seranit

    Summer term internship applications are performed by filling Internship Application Form between the dates April 01st - 30th. Following the interviews, internship facilities are provided to the candidates in departments which are appropriate for the field of education of the candidates within the direction of the quota and the needs of our units.

    Following the application period, internship applications are replied maximum within two weeks. Performance management system is also applied for the interns and the information of the interns with high performance are kept for future reference in order to be evaluated in vacant positions to arise.

    To add value to your career

    You can apply to Seranit adds through Kariyer.net-Yenibiris.com-Secret CV.com internet portals and through our website www.seranit.com.tr web, address ik@seranit.com.tr.
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